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amazon cricket mania quiz answers

Amazon is running a T20 Cricket Mania Quiz where participants can win daily and weekly prizes by answering questions related to cricket. The quiz includes various types of questions such as guessing the winner of the toss, identifying players who scored the longest sixes, and recalling match scores and statistics. To participate in the quiz, users need to have an Amazon account and access the quiz through the Amazon app during the designated time period.

Latest Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon Guess and Win Quiz Answers:

Amazon T20 Cricket Trivia Today April 24, 2024

Q1: Which among these players has the joint-most ducks in IPL history alongside Harbhajan Singh?

  • Rohit sharma
  • Parthiv Patel

The Correct Answer is Rohit sharma.

Amazon T20 Cricket Prediction Today April 24, 2024

Q2: Who will win the toss today?

  • Punjab
  • Delhi

My prediction is Punjab.

T20 Cricket Mania Score and Win ₹75,000

Question- What do you call the player who stands behind the wicket?

Answer– Wicket Keeper

Weekly Cricket Mania Spin and Win Quiz Answer

Q: How many players are in a cricket team?

Answer- 11

Weekly Cricket Mania JACKPOT Quiz Answer- Win ₹40000

Q: Who won the final IPL 2021?

Answer: Chennai Super Kings

Weekly Cricket Mania Pictionary Quiz Answers- ₹10000

Q1. Can you name this whippy lefty?

Answer: Wasim Akram

Q2. The batsman you see here possessed statistics that seem imaginary. Can you remember his name?

Answer: Donald Bradman

Q3. Do you know the name of this player, who always did things by the book?

Answer: Jacques Kallis

Q4. Can you recall the name of this player, who was a master of both pace and spin bowling?

Answer: Jack Hobbs

Q5. Can you recognize this multi-discipline master of sport?

Answer: Ellyse Alexandra Perry

Weekly Cricket Mania T-20 Highlights- Win ₹10000

What was the target score for T-20 Cricket match between Rajasthan & Gujarat held on May 5th, 2023?
Answer 1: 119

Who won the T-20 cricket match between Banglore & Delhi held on May 6th, 2023?
Answer 2: Delhi

On 7th May 2023, Gujarat beat Lucknow by how many runs?
Answer 3: 56

Which of these cricketers won “Player of the Match” title for Kolkata vs Punjab T-20 match (8th May, 2023) ?
Answer 4: Andre Rusell

Where was the match for Mumbai against Bangalore held on 9th May, 2023?
Answer 5: Wankhede Stadium

How to Participate in Amazon T-20 Cricket Quiz

The Amazon cricket mania daily and weekly quizzes will be updated during the whole IPL. The daily cricket mania quiz will be updates daily and the weekly quiz will be updates weekly. Just open the Amazon app and answer all the cricket-based questions correctly.

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